YouBar's Secret Ingredient: Our Employees

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As we know, companies across the country are currently experiencing a massive labor shortage due to the ever-evolving pandemic. Although the economy is slowly recuperating with more businesses reopening, the workforce has not fully recovered yet. But, if there’s one thing we have learned, it’s that businesses don’t have to suffer the consequences of a labor shortage with the proper benefits and culture in place. In fact, one of the key ways companies can retain good staff is by having a company culture that promotes inclusivity, creativity, and innovation. This is where YouBar stands out. 

Cultivating Our Company Culture

Now, you may be wondering: “What makes YouBar different from other co-manufacturers and protein bar co-packers out there?” We know that proper company culture isn't something as easy as 1, 2, 3. In fact, finding out who we were as a co-manufacturer development house was a process that took years of dedication and collaborative work with our staff. From our foundation in 2006, we are proud to have instilled a family-oriented mindset and culture in everything we do, from the care we take in every production run to the way we treat our employees. This is why we have made sure that every aspect of the YouBar experience follows our trusted "ICARE" set of values:

  • I - Innovation. Did you know our employees are a big part of our innovative process? We hold inclusive brainstorms and meetings where everyone can bring new fun and exciting ideas to the table. 
  • C - Communication. Communication is key to all processes and relations. We build and maintain our client, partner, and colleague relationships by having transparent, focused, respectful, productive, and positive communication.
  • A - Adaptability. We believe that being adaptable and flexible is key to performing at our best. Everything, from production scheduling and recipe development to internal meetings, is positioned in a way that best fits your unique needs!
  • R - Responsibility. No matter where you are in the production process, we take responsibility for every single aspect we undertake. If the YouBar team is on it, you can be sure to rest easy!
  • E - Enthusiasm. Everyone on our exceptional team is committed to bringing an enthusiastic, joyful attitude and mindset to our work environment and at every step of the production process. We are just as excited (if not more excited) about your brand as you are.

So, why focus on these values? The answer is simple: they make us better - both as a community and as a company. In the words of our very own CEO, Anthony Flynn:

"Company culture, particularly in the development house and co-manufacturing space, is essential in bringing innovative high-quality products to life."

Looking to build, create, and innovate in a safe work environment where everyone’s opinions matter? If so, YouBar is the place for you. Our unique culture is centered around our staff. We go out of our way to instill a fun atmosphere at every level of the production process, building a positive work environment with strong bonding opportunities and dedicated break areas to look out for our staff. With a strong company culture like ours, our team is able to stay engaged and happy throughout the workday. Time and time again, we are seeing our workers show up more, take fewer days off, and create higher-quality products. We even see them being more proactive during team meetings and events!

Our #1 Priority: Employees

happy employees

How high do you place employee morale on your employment checklist? At YouBar, having high employee morale is one of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of our company culture. It’s also what we pride ourselves the most on. In fact, as a family-owned business, we view our employees as an extension of our family. We conduct regular internal training with all our employees - management and leadership included - to keep our company engaged as a whole. We also send out employee engagement surveys to collectively decide how we can improve as a company and create a healthy work environment, especially during these difficult times. Employees at all levels are recognized for their achievements through “Employee of the Week” and “ICARE Winner of the Month” awards to enhance employee morale and motivate our employees to do better.

Beyond our corporate-related events and training sessions, we make sure to create time for bonding moments by celebrating employee birthdays and throwing holiday parties with delicious catering and desserts (our ‘go-tos’ are cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches!). We are always doing everything in our power to not only make our employees and colleagues feel appreciated and valued but also grow closer with one another.

Get Started with YouBar

At YouBar, our unique culture shines through in all that we do. Whether you are a client, a partner, or an employee, we make sure that every experience you have with us is a good one. We are proud to have built countless great relationships over the years and are so excited to see what the new year has in store for us. If you want to know more about what it’s like working with YouBar, feel free to contact us today and be part of the YouBar experience.