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Amazon’s power in the nutrition bar industry is driving much of the phenomenal sector growth, with online sales of protein bars having grown by an enormous 19 percent in the last 12 months, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. Amazon is the undisputed leader in the online protein bar marketplace, accounting for roughly 75 percent of all online sales of nutritional products in the United States. 

In total, the protein bar market is generates an estimated $5.5 billion in sales both in brick and mortar stores and online globally every year. With the huge influence Amazon has on the online sales of protein bars and energy bars, YouBar prides itself on being an Amazon-friendly protein bar co-packer. This means that we work with our clients to ensure that their protein bars and other nutritional products are ready to be sold and dropshipped on Amazon – from the packaging requirements to the labeling requirements to the shipping requirements.

How Does YouBar Help Set their Clients up for Success on Amazon?

The Easy 5-Step YouBar Process

(requires absolutely no ‘touch’ from our clients at all!)

Step 1: YouBar Handles Amazon’s Fulfillment Guidelines

When a client tells us they plan to sell their protein bars on Amazon, we work closely with them to ensure their bars and other nutritional snacks follow Amazon’s “Fulfillment by Amazon” guidelines (known as “FBA” guidelines). This includes logging:

  • Quantity of mastercases
  • Quantity of finished product mastercases
  • Quantity of pallets
  • Weight of pallets

Step 2: YouBar Ships Our Clients Products to Amazon Warehouses in the Approved Fashion

After logging the FBA information, YouBar’s shipping department prepares our clients’ shipments for transit from our facility to Amazon warehouses. This includes (as necessary):

  • Labelling each product with its own barcode
  • Packaging each product to Amazon’s specific standards
  • After we report the quantity of mastercases and pallets of products that we have shipped out for our clients, Amazon then logs this information into the Amazon Seller Central database, and will send over Amazon Case Labels and Pallet Labels to apply to each mastercase for receipt in Amazon’s warehouses.

Step 3: After the Product Arrives, Amazon Stores and Tracks Inventory

When our clients’ products (protein bars, protein cookies, toaster pastries, etc.) arrive at the Amazon warehouses, Amazon will sort the inventory and send it to its various appropriate distribution centers based on the geographical demand for the product.

Step 4: Clients Add Their Amazon Listings Online

As soon as our clients’ mastercases of protein bars/energy bars arrive at Amazon’s warehouses, the product will be entered into Amazon’s database. This allows our clients to activate their listing (through a simple online switch), and start advertising – and selling!

Step 5: Amazon Fulfills Our Clients Orders and Dropships Them Directly to our Clients’ Customers’ Doorsteps

When an order is placed on Amazon, each item in the order is immediately processed and prepared for shipping straight to our clients’ customers’ doorsteps. At this point in the process, our clients and their customers can track their product’s shipping status using information provided by Amazon. Our clients never have to touch the product, provide tracking info, or handle any shipping or labeling paperwork. This allows our clients to focus on growing their brands!

Please note: our clients who choose to sell their protein bars, balls, or bites on a third party website (such as their own Shopify website), need to automatically or manually route each order through a non-Amazon dropship fulfillment (DSF) center. We can provide introductions to other DSF specialists to our clients as needed.

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