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YouBar works with clients from all over the world to bring their nutritional ideas to market, but there are some important things to know about YouBar if you will be working with us from a different country.

For International Clients Who Plan to Sell Their Products Inside the U.S.

We work with many clients who are not themselves based inside the United States, but plan to sell their CPG food products to American consumers in the U.S. These might be individual entrepreneurs who happen to live abroad, or large corporations headquartered in countries across the world (from Europe to Asia) that want to extend their reach into the U.S. without having to export from their current manufacturers due to international food regulatory challenges. We can help these clients launch their U.S. business from abroad by offering all of the below:

Recipe Development & FDA Compliance

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Co-Manufacturing & Co-Packing

We co-manufacture and co-pack your new nutritional product in our SQF certified manufacturing facility, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Logistics & Distribution

We help with setting up U.S.-based warehousing, logistics, and drop ship fulfillment to get product from our production facility onto retailers' shelves and into consumers' hands.

International Shipping For International Clients Who Plan to Sell Their Products Outside the U.S.

We do not offer international shipping directly. Our international clients either set up their own shipping using a major shipping company like FedEx or use freight-forwarder companies - such as, or - to get products made by us shipped to their customers and retail stores internationally. Our clients also take responsibility for any international shipping regulations or taxes that may apply.

YouBar International

International Food Regulations

Recipe Creation for Production Outside of the United States

As a leader in the creation of innovative food products for the CPG space, we often get the pleasure of working with internationally-based companies to act as their "innovation kitchen" - creating formulas for them to then produce at-scale in their own countries. As a part of this, we can provide all of the following services:

Full Recipe Development

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Product Testing & Shelf Life Analysis

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Full Service Consulting on Setting Up Production