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Welcome to YouBar

we manufacture and develop cutting-edge protein bars for leading brands, entrepreneurs and influencers

Our Story

YouBar was launched in 2006 after mother-son founders, Ava Bise and Anthony Flynn, began creating custom protein bars at home to meet their own nutritional ideals.

While Ava and Anthony started the company with the basic concept of turning their own bar ideas into delicious reality, the company soon grew as Ava and Anthony spoke to other food entrepreneurs who also had incredible nutritional visions. Ultimately, Anthony and Ava harnessed their passion to bring their own food ideas to market in order to empower their clients to bring their own nutritional dreams to life.

Since then, YouBar has been recognized by hundreds of media outlets, including The New York TimesABC NewsGood Morning America and The Today Show.

For the last 15 years, YouBar has developed and manufactured innovative protein bars for their partners. YouBar’s mission is to empower their clients’ brands so that their clients are able to bring their ideas to market fast. We are still family-owned and family-run, and this is reflected in everything we do – from the care we take in every production run to the pride we take in every bar brand that we help to launch to market.

Our Mission

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Empowering food visionaries by bringing their ideas to life.

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YouBar’s Values

I – Innovation. We believe in innovation relating to every step of the process of creating new bars – from hitting the hottest dietary trends to utilizing the most cutting-edge ingredients to maintaining multiple state-of-the-art production lines to creating the most industry-leading packaging concepts. We are devoted to “thinking outside the bar.”

C – Communication. We believe in communicating proactively with our colleagues, our clients and our business partners (ie; suppliers, consultants, equipment engineers) in a way that is respectful, productive and positive.

A – Adaptability. We believe that being adaptive is key to successful business, and we are dedicated to being flexible in everything from production schedule to external environmental factors to client needs and more.

R – Responsibility. We believe in taking responsibility in all projects we engage in bringing to life. The ‘bar’ stops here!

E – Enthusiasm. We believe in being excited about what we are doing. Work is a large part of the lives of everyone at YouBar, and bringing an enthusiastic and joyful attitude to our work environment is essential to having a rewarding life experience.