Protein Shakes



Protein Shakes, Powders and Mixes

Protein Shakes

Bring your private label protein shake brand to market, fast, by utilizing our streamlined manufacturing process. Our tried-and-true formulas contain 100% natural, clean ingredients.

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Protein Powders

No matter what type of protein powder you're looking for, we have the capabilities to handle all your private label needs. Work with our R&D team to create a custom formula that works for your new private label brand.

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Baking Mixes

From cookie mixes to brownies and more, our extensive selection of protein baking mixes are perfect for baking and offer the perfect mixing experience. Develop your custom baking mix, or choose from our ready-to-go, delicious options.

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Paleo Protein Shakes

We efficiently manufacture a variety of paleo-friendly protein shakes in an assortment of delicious flavors.

Keto Protein Shakes

High in protein and low to zero carbs, our ketogenic protein shakes contain no artificial ingredients, fillers or chemicals.

Vegan Protein Shakes

Organic, clean all-natural selection of vegan protein shakes from ingredients such as pea, hemp, rice, quinoa, chia, and more.

Keto Bone Broth Powder

Ideal for low-carb, keto and paleo dieters, our Keto Bone Broth Powders are packed with collagen-rich protein and fiber.

Keto Coffee Creamer

Our keto-friendly, delicious coffee creamers with all-natural ingredients and sweeteners are the perfect addition to an iced latte or cold brew.

Keto Instant Coffee

Keto-friendly instant coffee with MCT Oil powder from organic coconuts and high quality, spray-dried coffee for a perfect mixing experience.

MCT Oil Powders

High-quality MCT Oil Powders (Medium Chain Triglycerides) make the perfect addition to coffee and smoothies.

Whey Protein

Our 100% natural Whey Protein Powders contain premium whey concentrates, all-natural sweeteners and organic flavors for a delicious tasting nutrition product.

Electrolyte Powder

For an excellent source of hydration, our electrolyte powders are formulated with 100% natural ingredients to give you the perfect balance of support minerals.


Keto-Collagen Shakes

Vegan Superfood Shakes

Our certified vegan superfood protein shake blends contain all-natural, life enhancing ingredients packed with micronutrients.

Antioxidant Blends

We manufacture a wide range of antioxidant blends made exclusively from organic ingredients, in a variety of delicious flavors.

Plant-Based Shakes

Made from the best sources of plant-based protein, these shake blends are the perfect addition to vegetarian and vegan diets.

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