Private Label Program FAQs


Q: Who are YouBar's private label clients?

A: Many of our clients are social media celebrities in the health and wellness space, doctors and alternative health practitioners, and gym/fitness center owners. The private label program allows these entrepreneurs to have their own-branded products to sell to their valued clientele with very low Minimum Order Quantities and Costs.

Q: I want to sell the bars individually so I need them to be in custom wrappers (not just plain wrappers inside a custom bag) - how can I do this with the private label program?

A: We can put your bars in completely custom wrappers as long as you purchase them separately through this process/cost for CUSTOM WRAPPERS (please look at the digital section if you are ordering fewer than 10k bars - the cost is roughly 19-23 cents per wrapper), and order a minimum of 200 bags of bites/bars from us at a time. There is the higher MOQ for this (the normal MOQ is just 50 bags) because it requires our team to change the film on the flow-wrapper, which is time consuming. Please note that there is no 'refund' available for the plain wrappers that aren't used if you use custom wrappers because the $0.01 that we 'save' by not using these plain wrappers is used in the roughly 30 minutes of changeover time that it costs us in staff and tolling to change the film on the flow wrapper for your custom wrappers.

Q: Are the products in the private label program kosher certified, or organic certified? 

A: No, we only offer Kosher and Organic certification for our full custom bar products. If you would like to create a custom bar with us then this is the process: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT R&D

Q: What are the label claims that I can make on the private label bars? Are they all gluten free? 

A: Yes, all the private label bars are Gluten Free and can be labeled as such. For a full list of the label claims available for each private label bar, please check out the catalogue here: 

Q: What kind of printing do you use for the bags and wrappers? In the regular program, there is mention of the cost for plates, but there is no plate charge for private label. Is this similar quality printing, or does it look like in-house printing?

A: The quality of this print is identical to our standard program - extremely high quality and done by a third party printer. There are no plate charges at all for this program as we have worked hard to include all costs in the headline figures for ease. Please note that the bag the bars go in is completely customized to your brand, but the individual bars inside the bag are packed in unbranded frosted film wrappers and not customized.

Q: What size is the bag that the 8 bars come in?

A: For medium and large bars, the bag is 7.125 (width) x 11.25 (height) x 3.5 (depth), and for the small bars (aka 'bites), the bag is 6.125 (width) x 9.5 (height) x 3.5 (depth).

Q: Is there an option for 12 bars per bag? Or different quantities per bag? 

A: No - the bags always come packed with 8 bars/bites per bag for the private label program. In the custom bar program, this can be 12 per bag or box or other numbers.

Q: Is there an option to use a Point of Sale Display box instead of a bag for my bars? 

A: No - we can only offer bags for this program to streamline the production process. We offer boxes for our custom bar program.

Q: For the label and bag design, I assume you have in-house designers I can work with, and that this is included in the fee?

A: The typical additional charge for artwork creation is $650, but we are offering a new program launch deal of giving this completely free of charge to anyone who becomes a private label client before Jan 1, 2021.

Q:  Is there any tiered pricing? It doesn’t look like it, although there is a big difference between ordering 50 or 500 or 5,000 bags -- so it seems like some tiered pricing would make sense?

A: This program is able to offer such low prices (the ones you see in the catalogue) because it already gives all of our private label clients the per bag price that would be applicable for a 100,000 bar order. If you would like to order more than 100,000 bars (12,500 bags) then please let me know and we can offer lower prices from above that number (ie; 15k bags+).

Q: Do you offer any flavors in addition to chocolate in the private label program?

A: Right now, we only offer chocolate, but we are planning to expand into other flavors soon! (Probably Jan 2021)

Q: How do I initiate the development?

A: Simply email Emily Vencat, our Chief Innovation Officer, at

Q: What are your minimum order quantities?

A: Just 50 bags per order.

Q: Are you SQF Certified?

A: Yes! 

Q: Will the phrase "Manufactured by YouBar Inc" be printed on my custom bag packages?


Q: What is your insurance coverage?

We are an SQF certified facility, and all of our staff are Certified Food Handlers. We are registered with the FDA, we have a food processors license from the California Department of Public Health, and the LA County Health Department. In keeping with the highest industry standards, we fully third party lab test all of our products as a final QA measure after production to ensure safety. While we are extremely robust in our handling of risk, we also carry full product liability insurance that covers all of the bars made in our facility, including those under other brand names. 

Q: Do you have international clients? Do you ship outside of the United States?

We do have some international clients, but we don’t offer international shipping directly. Our international clients use freight-forwarder companies, such as or to get our bars shipped to them. Creating an account with or is easy and free. When you create an account, they will provide you with a U.S. address, which you use as your address when making a purchase with us for energy bars. Once we make your bars, we will send your bars there (to the address they provide) and then they will take care of the international shipping, and provide you with the rate options.

Please note, however, that – as we do not ship internationally directly – you will be responsible for ensuring that the product complies with local regulations, and you will be responsible for any import taxes that may be incurred.