Packaging Options

For Wrappers, Trays, Pouches & 'Point of Sale' Display Boxes 

Bar Wrappers

Image result for blank bar wrapper
Size:  6"x6" wrapper dieline for full sized bars and 6"x4" for bite sized bars
Material: Metallized Polypropylene
Seal: Hot

Traditional Plate Printed Film Packages (for orders of 25k or more / for smaller orders see 'Digital' section below)

Typical Cost per Wrapper:

25k – 12-13 cents
50k – 9-12 cents
100k – 7-8 cents
250k – 5-6 cents
500k  3-4 cents
1 million – 2-3 cents

Cost of plates for the above: Typically around $2,400 for standard  CMYK process.

Minimums cannot be split over multiple flavors; they are per flavor.

If you are ordering fewer than 25k wrappers – or if you want the flexibility to change your packages on future runs -- then we always recommend using digitally printed instead of plate printed wrappers. These are almost identical in size and material. However, they are cheaper for small runs and do not have plate charges. See details here:   

Digitally Printed Film Packages (recommended for small runs of fewer than 25k bars, or runs that have a very tight timeline):

$0.19-$0.23 cents per wrapper (depending on art and order size), plus a fixed $300 set up charge per run.

Point of Sale Display Boxes

Typical for packing 12 bars per box

Stock: .020 C2S
Size: 8.25 x 2 x 5
Number of bars per box: 12
Prtg: Standard CMYK (4 color) with UV coating on the inside of the box.

Price per box:

2,500 boxes (enough for 30,000 bars) – $1.93 each 
3,500 -- $1.46
5,000 -- $1.12
7,500 – $0.78
10k -- $0.67
15k -- $0.49
20k -- $0.32
100k -- $0.27
In addition to the above, please add $675 for cutting die and $175 for the press proof.

Minimums cannot be split over multiple flavors; they are per flavor.

If you require fewer than 2,500 boxes, then we cannot provide full custom printed boxes as this is below the minimum order quantity for the full custom box printer. Therefore, you can choose to use plain white POS display boxes with a custom printed sticker label. If you choose this option then the cost is $1.12 per box for all order quantities.

Stand-Up Gusseted Pouches 

This is ideal for the following product types

  • Protein Shakes
  • Baking Mixes
  • Cereal
  • Muesli
  • Individually wrapped bites and balls or 'free floating' bites and balls.

Prices for Pouches:

Varies depending on order quantity, pouch size and packaging 'finish.' Range is typically $0.32-$2.49 per pouch. "Scoop spoon" for individual powder serving (optional, but recommended) is $0.05-$0.10 per unit.

The Value of Ordering Enough Packaging for Multiple Runs (relevant for ALL packaging types)

Image result for blank stand up gusseted pouch For POS boxes, stand-up gusseted pouches and film wrapper packages, our clients frequently order enough for multiple bar runs and then we store the packages free of charge until they are ready to use (up to one year from placement of most recent Purchase Order).
This allows our clients to capitalize on the lower costs of hitting the higher quantity breaks on the packages while still ordering smaller runs of bars. This also reduces lead times on re-orders because it eliminates the time we have to wait for new packages to be delivered.

Balls in Flow Wrapped Trays

If you are planning on making solid nutrition/protein balls/spheres or nut butter filled balls, we recommend making a single serving two balls of roughly 15-25 grams per ball to be sold in a flow wrapped tray (image above). Please reach out to the YouBar team for pricing estimates for this type of packaging.

Packaging FAQs 

Q: Will the phrase "Manufactured by YouBar Inc" be printed on my custom bar packages?


Q: What size is the bag that is available for the stand up gusseted pouches?

A: There are two 'standard' sizes. The 'large' standard is 7.125 (width) x 11.25 (height) x 3.5 (depth), and the 'small' standard is 6.125 (width) x 9.5 (height) x 3.5 (depth). That being said, the measurements can be customized to client needs.

Q: Is there an option for different amounts or product per pouch? 

A: Yes - the bags are completely customizable in size, amount of product and design. That being said, the most 'typical' size for powders and cereals is 1lb, and the most 'typical' size for bites and balls is 8-16 units per pouch.

Q: Are the pouches resealable?

A: There are options for both resealable and not resealable. Resealable is highly recommended for shakes, cereals and unwrapped bites/balls, but it is optional for individually wrapped bites.

Important Packaging Notes

Please note that the above prices do not include the cost of shipping the packages and boxes from the printer to YouBar (price depends on quantity/net weight). For digital packages, for example, delivery costs are as follows: $85 for 5,000 packages and $100 for 10,000 packages.

All of the above are estimated costs. Final pricing quote depends on artwork and is subject to change.