Laboratory Nutritional Analysis of Vitamins

Laboratory Nutritional Analysis of Vitamins

Regular price $ 500.00

This item is exclusively available to our wholesale clients. When developing a bar with us, we are able to offer full FDA-compliant nutritional database analysis as standard.

If you would like to list the amount of specific vitamins and minerals that are in your product that are not included in database analysis (listed below) then we will need to ship your product out to a third party for Laboratory Nutritional Analysis. The below price guarantees that we will be able to utilize any and all results that you would like to include in your bar packaging and other promotional material (ie; if applicable, ‘High in Vitamin B2’).

These are the vitamins and minerals that we can test for. Each vitamin or mineral tested is a SEPARATE cost of $500, and so please pay for as many as are applicable:

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3

Omega Fatty Acids




Amino Acid Profile

Vitamin E