Testing a Finished Formula on YouBar's Large Scale Extrusion Equipment

Testing a Finished Formula on YouBar's Large Scale Extrusion Equipment

Regular price $ 5,950.00

This test is ideal for clients who are coming to YouBar with a finished recipe that they have already created with a food scientist or other co-packer, but want to test on YouBar's equipment to see if YouBar might be the right long-term 'scale up' co-manufacturer for their needs.

This test run allows the client to see exactly how their recipe will perform on YouBar's large scale machinery (extruded bars and bites only), including 20 prototype bars to sample visually and from an organoleptic perspective. Running on large scale production equipment always causes some changes compared to small scale R&D 'bench' samples, and this is the perfect test to see those differences.

The below price is the price to perform the test per flavor / recipe. It includes up to 2 hours of dedicated time in one of YouBar's enclosed kitchens, inclusive of an extrusion machine. It also includes all R&D staff necessary to mix the batter and run the bars through the equipment. After this is complete, YouBar will provide a 1-page report to the client on how well the recipe ran and how much (based on the efficiency of the run) YouBar would be able to offer as tolling for the recipe if we are chosen as the long-term co-man.

It is possible for some recipes to 'fail' and not run well on the extrusion equipment (particularly if only home/bench samples have been made prior to this). In this case, the YouBar report will outline recommended changes to make the recipe run smoothly on the equipment so that the client can choose to pursue those changes. If this happens, a new line test of the new recipe (with YouBar's edits) is a fixed cost of just $950. Please be aware that if the bar batter does not run on the extrusion equipment then it will be impossible for the aforementioned 20 bars to be given as a part of this test.

Please note: for this test, clients are welcome to provide their own ingredients (as long as all come from safe, 3rd party audited facilities and are GRAS for food) or use the ingredients on YouBar's master ingredient list. It is vital that the client is clear with the ingredient sourcing choice at least 10 business days before the scheduled test date.