Special Ingredient Sourcing and Integration Fee

Special Ingredient Sourcing and Integration Fee

Regular price $ 500.00

This is the payment required in order for YouBar to source any ingredient for your bars that is not on our "Master Ingredient Sheet." This cost covers the sourcing of one special ingredient, and all the necessary FDA compliance paperwork required in order to introduce this new ingredient into our kitchen.

This sourcing fee still applies even if you locate the source of the custom ingredients yourself as it covers our extensive in-house FDA compliance checks on new ingredients being introduced into our kitchen. And it still applies even for the first test run of the bars because we have to bring it into our kitchen in order to make that test run of bars.

As soon as we've sourced the ingredient for you then it will be available for you to use in any of your future bars and/or bar recipes at any time with no charge again, except to pay for the ingredient itself. Increased minimum orders may apply to products with special ingredients due to minimum orders required by the ingredient supplier.  The sourcing fee is a single time charge, and will never re-occur (unless the supplier stops supplying the ingredient -- which is very rare).

Please note that if our research team finds that the ingredient requested does not meet our Quality Assurance team's requirements for inclusion in our food products, then we will not be able to source the ingredient for you, and no refund will be available on this fee.