R&D Test Run to Achieve Best Wrapper Tightness

R&D Test Run to Achieve Best Wrapper Tightness

Regular price $ 500.00

This test allows our packaging team to take your bars and put them through our flow wrapper on multiple sizes of film wrapper in order to achieve the tightest possible dimensions (while still retaining a high percentage of perfect seal).

Our default package web size is 6 x 6, and this test tries the various other options to see how small a web is possible for the client's specific bar:

  • 6 x 5.75
  • 6 x 5.5
  • 6 x 5.25
  • 6 x 5
  • 6 x 4 (typical only for 'bite' sized bars)

The below price is the price to perform the efficiency analysis per flavor / recipe, unless you have two recipes that have the identical dimensions, in which case it can be valid for both.

*Please note that the client will receive one box of bars from the tightest of the above runs that passes in order to approve.