Professional Sell Sheet

Professional Sell Sheet

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With this item, you’ll receive a Professionally Designed Single-Page Sell Sheet for your brand. This is ideal for giving to your company's retail partners, sales reps and brand promoters and/or including as a promotional brochure in your nutrition bar box shipments. Your business’ sell sheet will be created to include the following (see list below) (Please note that it will be the client's responsibility to provide the company logo, company tagline, and all photographs / graphic images.) We can also work with you to customize what is included.

Here’s what your sales sheet will include:

  • Logo, Product/Brand Name and Tagline.
  • 2-3 high graphic images/photos of your product.
  • Custom-written unique selling proposition.
  • Nutrition fact panel image(s), with ingredient list.
  • Product key selling points (ie; gluten free, vegan, high protein).
  • A wholesale pricing chart.
  • Contact Info and 'Call to Action' -- including your company sales rep's full contact details, your company address and your website URL.

The below price is for the delivered digital version of the brand style guide. We are able to advise on good partners for printing if desired. Client must be available to answer key brand questions when necessary.