Professional Cookie Recipe Formulation

Professional Cookie Recipe Formulation

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With this package, our expert-led Research & Development team will work with you to create a professional formula for a cookie (often a protein-packed cookie or super low sugar keto-friendly cookie), utilizing the most leading-edge processes innovated by food scientists. 

Because our MOQs for cookies are very high compared to other products (typically 150k for standard sized cookies or 50k pouches of mini cookies), this R&D Process INCLUDES the cost of RECIPE DISCLOSURE so that you can produce this formula exactly as we would prior to being ready to scale up.

We will work with you to achieve:

  • A formula that meets your nutritional specifications and macronutrient goals within the realm of physical and scientific possibility.
  • A formula that meets the regulatory requirements that govern food processing, including those established by the FDA.
  • A science-based formula that meets the specific nutritional needs of your targeted consumer base.
  • Full Recipe Disclosure of the precise formula for your recipe so that you could (in theory) produce yourself or at a small scale bakery until you are ready to scale up.

Our expert-led research and development process includes:

  • Up to three bench-made pilot trials of Prototype Cookies
  • Organoleptic Testing performed by our team of in-house experts
  • Full database Nutritional Analysis
  • Water Activity Level Testing to ensure shelf life stability
  • Our FDA compliance team will send you the professional dieline for creating your own completely customized packaging for your cookies.
  • Our R&D team works under the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantees that all of your work with us remains top secret.

*Please note that this price includes two hours of compliance checks from our FDA compliance team and up to three rounds of bench prototype boxes of 8-10 cookies each, and that no refunds are available after work begins. Any label claims that are considered non-standard by YouBar's team will not be able to be approved without the stated approval by a 3rd party FDA compliance lawyer or consultant (YouBar can provide an introduction if desired). Graphic design work is available on an hourly basis, and additional prototype boxes of bars are available for an additional cost. The formulation cost is for one flavor only. If you would like multiple flavors of bars then you will need to purchase multiple R&D packages. Please note that YouBar relies on clients to complete this process within six months of initiating it, otherwise additional R&D fees will apply.