Packaging: Unique / Non-Standard Product 'Pack Out'

Packaging: Unique / Non-Standard Product 'Pack Out'

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This item is exclusively for YouBar Clients who would like to package their product in a manner that is not one of YouBar's standard 'pack outs.' To get the full list of 'standard pack-outs,' please reach out to the YouBar team, but this is very limited and includes such things as a 12-count box for protein bars, a 10-count box for toaster pastries, a stand-up gusseted pouch for bites and powders, and a 2-count 'boat' for filled balls. 

This item covers the cost of YouBar's QA Team reviewing and approving (to whatever extent possible) the requested pack out requirements. 

What we require from you to do this: 

  • A clear description, including pictures and text, of the 'pack-out' that is desired.
  • A chosen printer for producing this packaging material (please note that is this printer is NOT an already validated YouBar printer then an additional fee of $850 will apply in order to validate that the printer is third party audited and has documentation to demonstrate that their products are food grade). 
  • 10-50 sample packages (number depends on packaging type - please ask the YouBar team for exact number for your product).

Please be aware that there are a number of reasons that packaging may NOT be accepted after this review process. This can include any of the following: packaging not optimized for YouBar machinery, packaging not up to QA standards, packaging not streamlined for large scale operational efficiency. If packaging is not accepted, the YouBar team will always explain the reason and do everything possible to provide suggested alternatives.

Lead times for this test is subject to equipment availability -- but standard time is 4 weeks from the date material is delivered to YouBar.  Testing fee is non-refundable regardless of outcome. This fee does not guarantee a positive result.