Non GMO Project Verification (annual fee for first SKU for first year

Non GMO Project Verification (annual fee for first SKU for first year

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In order to display the Non GMO Project Verification Logo (see image on the left) on your bars, YouBar must submit the appropriate documentation for your custom formulas to The Non GMO Project, which is a third party certifying body. 

The cost to use the Non GMO Project to allow you to use the USDA logo (or their logo) on your custom bar packages (boxes, wrappers, website, etc) is $1,000 for your first SKU/flavor for the first year, and $500 for each additional SKU, inclusive of all of YouBar’s QA document submission work. Annual renewals of your Non GMO Project certification are $500 for your first SKU and $500 for additional SKUs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This package is only available to clients who have worked with YouBar’s R&D team to create a bar utilizing Non GMO ingredients. If your bars do not currently meet this requirement, but you would like them to, then please get in touch with YouBar’s development team (email Emily at in order to engage recipe reformulation prior to submitting a request for Non GMO Project Verification.

Please note that this item -- which you can purchase by adding to your cart below -- is for organic certification for your first bar flavor/SKU for the first year of being organic. Please email your project manager for the link to add additional SKUs, or to purchase renewal after the first year.