"Made with Organic Ingredients" Certification

"Made with Organic Ingredients" Certification

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In order to display the Oregon Tilth Organic Certification Logo (see image on the left), and make the claim "Made with Organic Ingredients" on your product, YouBar must submit the appropriate documentation for your custom formulas to Oregon Tilth, the professional certifying body that has certified YouBar as an Organic Food Manufacturer. 

The cost to use Oregon Tilth to allow you to use the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic logo on your custom bar packages (boxes, wrappers, website, etc) is $1,850 per SKU (flavor), inclusive of all of YouBar’s QA document submission work. Please be aware that the FDA prohibits putting the words "MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS" on any product that does not have this certification. This certification is REQUIRED in order to make that claim. Here are full details:

“Made with Organic Ingredients”

Benefits and Requirements: Must contain at least 70% organic ingredients, excluding water and salt. This allows you to use the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Logo, but NOT the USDA Organic Logo.

Please note that the following requirements must also be achieved:

  • Must not contain added sulfites

  • May contain up to 30% total of: Non-organically produced agricultural ingredients without being limited to those on 7 CFR 205.606; Other substances allowed by 7 CFR 205.605; Non-organic substances must not be produced using Ionizing irradiation, sewage sludge, and excluded methods.

  • May contain organic and non-organic forms of the same ingredient


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This package is only available to clients who have worked with YouBar’s R&D team to create a bar utilizing organic ingredients that meet the percentage requirements that are outlined above. It is recommended to purchase this certification at the start of R&D with YouBar. Once the work has been submitted, there is no way of getting a refund for this.