Large Scale Production Test Run of 3rd Party Created Formula

Large Scale Production Test Run of 3rd Party Created Formula

Regular price $ 945.00

This large scale test run allows the YouBar R&D team to take a recipe that was devised by a 3rd party food scientist or lab, and determine whether it will work on our machinery and/or what changes might need to be made in order to ensure efficient large scale runs (our MOQ for wholesale pricing on runs is typically 2,500 bars, though we do provide retail-style pricing at lower MOQs for test/trial runs).

During this test, our production specialist will be able to determine what amount of your bar batter can be mixed in our machines at one time, if your bars are the right texture to be extruded, how fast they can be run through our machinery, how accurate the weights will be coming out of our machinery, how much ingredients are lost during production, and how fast the bars can be run through our flow wrapper. 

By performing this test, we are able to offer you the most competitive pricing on your specific formula, and you will get to have a box of bars that have been run through the larger equipment so you can see exactly what they look like prior to placing your first real order.

The below price is the price to perform this large scale production test run and efficiency analysis per flavor / recipe: