Industrial Consulting to Set Up a Protein Bar Manufacturing Business Outside the United States

Industrial Consulting to Set Up a Protein Bar Manufacturing Business Outside the United States

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With this package, you will work directly with YouBar's Chief Executive Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and Chief Operations Officer to develop three fully custom recipes that are ready to hit the market and detailed advice (including introductions to recommended equipment manufacturers) of how to set up your own manufacturing facility in a location outside of the United States.

We will work with you to achieve:

  • Three distinct and unique formulas that meets your nutritional specifications and macronutrient goals within the realm of physical and scientific possibility.
  • Three formulas that meet the regulatory requirements that govern food processing, including those established by the FDA.
  • A science-based formula that meets the specific nutritional needs of your targeted consumer base.

Our expert-led research and development process includes:

  • Up to three bench-made pilot trials of Prototype Bars per flavor
  • Organoleptic Testing performed by our team of in-house experts
  • Full database Nutritional Analysis
  • Water Activity Level Testing to ensure shelf life stability
  • Our FDA compliance team will send you the professional dieline for creating your own completely customized packaging for your bars, and completely customized display boxes for your bars.
  • Our R&D team works under the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which guarantees that all of your work with us remains top secret.

After creating your three custom formulas with our team, with this package, you will be invited to visit YouBar for a 4-hour facility tour and training led by YouBar's CEO and COO (this can be done in-person or by video chat). This will include:

  • A detailed view of exactly what equipment is required to manufacture at scale
  • Introductions by email (if desired) to selected equipment vendors
  • Introductions by email (if desired) to selected ingredient vendors
  • Full recipe disclosure of all three formulas, including in-person tutorials on how to manufacture these products

*Please note that no refunds are available after work begins, and work must be completed within six months of engaging the process. For questions, please contact Emily Vencat at