GFCO Gluten Free Certified (annual fee)

GFCO Gluten Free Certified (annual fee)

Regular price $ 1,100.00

In order to display the GFCO Certified Gluten Free Logo (see image on the left) on your bars, YouBar must submit the appropriate documentation for your custom formulas to the Gluten Free Certification Organization, which is a third party certifying body. 

The cost to license this third party logo is $1,100 per SKU (flavor), inclusive of all of YouBar’s QA document submission work. 

The less expensive -- but equally valid -- option is to utilize YouBar's third party lab for testing your product to confirm gluten free status in a completely FDA compliant way. This still allows you to use the YouBar gluten free logo, and to write "Gluten Free" on your packages, and is only $750 annually instead of $1,100. If you'd like to do this instead please click HERE

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This package is only available to clients who have worked with YouBar’s R&D team to create a bar utilizing exclusively Gluten Free ingredients. If your bars do not currently meet this requirement, but you would like them to, then please get in touch with YouBar’s development team (email Emily at in order to engage recipe reformulation prior to submitting a request for GFCO. Please also note that this certification frequently takes 4-12 weeks from the date of submission to the date of approval.