Starter Digital Marketing Package

Starter Digital Marketing Package

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In an increasingly digital world, digital marketing has become essential for brands to grow their business and their customer base.

Through a combination of our industry-leading expertise and knowledge, YouBar has the capabilities to build an integrated digital marketing plan that will increase your brand's awareness and effectively engage your audiences. Our goal is to empower brands just like yours to thrive in the digital marketplace so you can focus on growing your brand.

With this monthly marketing package, our expert-led Marketing team will act as your in-house marketing department. We will work with you to create a digital marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness and sales.

Our Starter Digital Marketing Package includes:

    Social Media
    • YouBar will develop social media accounts on three platforms (client's choice among Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
    • Each week, we will do three brand-focused posts to your audience on each platform
    • Each platform will be monitored and any customer service requests will be passed along to the client
    • Client will supply graphics and images for these
    • We will grow the following on each platform with paid support, the use of hashtags, and by developing engaging, shareable content
    Paid Social Media Campaign
    • YouBar will develop paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
    • Ad types include:
      • Boosted Posts
      • Direct Purchase
      • Link Clicks
      • Retargeting (see below)
    • With the client, we will collaborate to build a campaign for a unique audience, segmented by factors like demographics, health interests, diet interests, and more
    • Recommended Spend: $1,000+/month (not included in price)
    Retargeting Campaigns
    • For users who visit the website without making a purchase, we will send these prospects retargeting ads on social media
    • We will test + measure to optimize the right blend of creative + ad spend that obtain the lowest CPC
    Email Marketing
    • Each month, we will nurture your database with one email newsletter
    • Newsletters can be promotional, direct sale, brand-focused, or whatever direction the client would prefer
    Content Creation
    • Each month, the client will decide whether they would like YouBar to develop a design or produce a blog article (500-900 words per blog article)
    • Client can re-use content in social posts, emails, and on their website

    Our expert-led process includes:

    • An initial 30-minute kickstart call for introductions to the team
    • A 1.5-hour formal digital marketing strategy meeting
    • Regular check-in meetings
    • Site optimization
    • Content development
    • Client approval on all content

    We offer additional opportunities to further customize your digital marketing plan*:

    • Design
    • Branding
    • Amazon Marketing
    • Video
    • Photography
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Store Management
    • Store Integrations
    • HubSpot
    • Sales Collateral

      *These services come at an additional cost.