Website Creation (Using Shopify as the Platform)
Website Creation (Using Shopify as the Platform)
Website Creation (Using Shopify as the Platform)
Website Creation (Using Shopify as the Platform)

Website Creation (Using Shopify as the Platform)

Regular price $ 6,950.00

With this package, our expert-led Marketing team will work with you to create a beautiful website, where your customers can start shopping immediately.

We will work with you to deliver:

  • A beautifully-designed wesbite that upholds your brand integrity, and conveys your brand vision
  • Your website will be completely loaded with all the necessary 'back-end' integrations to be able to start selling your products immediately

Our expert-led process includes:

  • An initial 30 minute kickstart call for introductions to the team
  • A 1-hour formal creative consultation
  • The set up and eye-catching formatting of your Website, inclusive of 4 'Pages,' and up to three products for sale. These pages are: Homepage, About Us, Contact Us and Shop ("Shop" will link as standard to the collection of all items for sale).
  • Help purchasing a URL and choosing a Shopify theme
  • The Set Up of the Credit Card processing system to take online payments securely, and manage inventory through the website.
  • Client approval on copy + designs (including one round of revisions)
  • Client Engagement Optimization: opt-in customer account information for future marketing, Google Analytics, the Importing of your existing Client List, Linking to Social Media Accounts
  • One one-long training session to control your wesbite
  • Shipping Integration

What this does not include (but can be added for additional 'a la carte' pricing:

  • This item is for the building of the website itself. Product copy (ie; the text) and product images (art) is expected to be provided by the Client. YouBar can provide this work for additional a la carte pricing, if desired
  • Online Advertising
  • Creation of Terms and Conditions, Shipping, Refunds, and Privacy Policy pages 

This process typically takes around 6 weeks in total (this does not include the time requrired to create physical product to sell on your website). Please note that this engagement comes to a formal close 1 week after the website goes live. Additional consulting is available after that for an hourly rate.