Re-Activation of a Formula in Development for Longer than 6 Months

Re-Activation of a Formula in Development for Longer than 6 Months

Regular price $ 4,950.00

This item is exclusively for our clients who are currently working on developing a formula with us, but have not completed the development process within 6 months of instigating it. It is the cost to re-activate the recipe vis-à-vis compliance rules and regulations when this amount of time has lapsed.

As a company, we are subject to food industry compliance regulations, which are ever-evolving and so we cannot keep formulas that are in development "live" for more than 6 months from the date of starting the R&D process. This time period typically includes three rounds of included bench samples and up to an additional three rounds of paid-for (by the hour) bench samples.

This price is the cost to continue development of a recipe for an additional 6 month period, including three more rounds of bench samples and up to three more hourly-paid rounds of bench samples (6 total). This includes the requisite full new organoleptic analysis, water activity level testing and full nutritional database analysis for up-to-date labelling, and one complete additional round of prototypes from our innovation kitchen. This price also includes the requisite new FDA compliance review on packaging. 

Please note that this does not include the cost of efficiency testing.