These Will Be the Top 5 Diet Trends in 2020

These Will Be the Top 5 Diet Trends in 2020

Here at YouBar, we create protein bar brands for many of the world’s most visionary fitness experts and celebrity nutritionists.

We have a full overview of what each of these diets look like in detail in our "Diets + Nutrition" section.

But -- for a very quick overview -- here are our top picks for what the five hottest dietary trends in 2020 will be:

  1.  The “Plant Based” Diet

Followers eat mostly vegetarian foods with very few animal-based foods, but without the strictness of true veganism.

2.      The Primal Diet

Followers eat foods that are pure and unprocessed. It's called "primal" because it emphasizes foods that humans would have eaten before farming and industrialization.

3. The Keto Diet

Followers eat a diet that is high in "good fats" (nuts, coconuts, whole dairy, etc), moderate in protein, super low in net carbs, and contains little to no sugar.

4. Intermittent Fasting 

There are numerous ways of doing intermittent fasting, but all involve splitting time into distinct eating and fasting periods. During the fasting periods, the dieter eats either nothing (or very little) and during eating periods, followers eat whatever they want.

5.      The MIND Diet

The MIND diet is an acronym for the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, and its popularity is largely thanks to the growing aging population. This diet aims to help a dieter’s brain by reducing their risk of developing dementia.