Digital Marketing Consulting + Assistance (5 hrs)

Digital Marketing Consulting + Assistance (5 hrs)

Regular price $ 1,250.00
With this package, our expert-led Marketing team will provide additional consulting or assistance with any previous marketing services purchased from YouBar. 

    Services include:

    • Copy Development  
    • Graphic Design
    • Photo Editing 
    • Amazon Store Support
    • Amazon Listing Support
    • Website Support

    Terms and Conditions:

    • You will be prepaying for 5 billable hours at $250/hr, which can be used for any of the services listed above (ex. if graphic design takes 1 hour, the other 4 hours can be used for a different service).
    • All designs + creative must be approved by the customer before publishing.
    • Customer must provide all products needed for photography and design.

    Please note that this engagement comes to a formal close after the 5 billable hour cap has been reached.