The Difference Between Digital and Flexo/Plate Printed Film Wrappers for Bars

Digital Printing 


  • Very low MOQs – allows for runs of fewer than 10k

  • No plate set up charges – the digital set up fee is much lower as a result

  • Beautiful color print quality (same as flexo, though package texture is thicker)


  • Thicker packages than plate printed film

  • No ‘economies of scale’ on large runs and so much more expensive per unit on larger runs

  • Because of the thicker material, seal integrity is less perfect than on flexo, and the run speeds are always slower


Flexographic/Plate Printing 


  • The “Gold Standard” for print quality – beautiful, thin wrapper material

  • Much lower costs per unit on large orders due to excellent economies of scale

  • Can order enough for multiple runs and capitalize on the economies of scale – even if 1st order is smaller than 10k.


  • Plate fees at time of first order (or anytime there is a design change).  The plates are one-time-only so long as the design remains the same.  The number of colors in your design will dictate how many plates will be required (i.e. a 3 color design will have 3 plates, a 5 color design would have 5 plates, etc.)