Shelf Life Testing (Accelerated) (Includes Real Time Study)

Shelf Life Testing (Accelerated) (Includes Real Time Study)

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This item allows you to achieve exactly the same longer shelf life on your bars (as described in the above item), but does so in less time.

Accelerated shelf life testing will typically enable you to achieve (for example) a 1-year shelf life on your bars in just 6 months, depending on your standards. (Please note that the 6-month result will be officially confirmed by the lab with automatic 'real time' testing at 12 months.)

This test does all of the testing as the Shelf Life Testing -- Real Time. In addition to these tests, we pull additional points at 35 ± 2°C and 45 ± 2°C based on the Q10 concept (the assumption that temperature directly effects the rate of decay of the bar particularly when it comes to rancidity).

It is important to note that accelerated shelf life studies are only predictions of extended shelf life and work as place holders until the real time shelf life study is completed. 

The below price INCLUDES the large scale efficiency test and requisite 200 bars from this efficiency test to be yielded for this testing to be performed.