THREE Express Large Scale Production Test Runs for Dr. Fuhrman

THREE Express Large Scale Production Test Runs for Dr. Fuhrman

Regular price $ 838.00

Three Large Scale tests for Dr Fuhrman:


 Fuhrmans' team will provide 75 pounds of dates from Desert Valley.


It includes the cost of us doing THREE new test runs of the following recipes – with changes:  


Lemon Cookie

DF-LC-121615-1 --FREE -- YouBar Cost

Apple Cinnamon

DF-AC-12815-3 -- $500

Kale Apricot

DF-KA-4816-2 -- $500


MINUS $135 in dates covered by YouBar

MINUS $27 in shipping covered by YouBar

= $838 total owed.

All will have lecithin added and lemon cookie will have lemon oil reduced by 15 percent.

Here are standard details on large scale express tests. We have noted that you would like 5 bars per flavor and will try to achieve that for you:  

Performing a large scale test run is strongly recommended for all custom bar wholesale clients prior to a first 'true' production run. This item (the 'Express Large Scale Test Run') is ideal for clients who would like to have their test run performed very quickly - within two weeks of ordering it (please note: this will be delayed if we do not have all of your ingredients in our facility already and/or any ingredients need to be special ordered for you).

This test run allows you to see exactly how large scale machinery will impact the shape, color and texture of your custom bar recipe because large scale production always causes some changes compared to small scale R&D 'bench' samples.

Unlike the other test runs we offer, we are able to schedule this with such a tight timeline because we perform these test runs on our secondary 'test' extrusion equipment in our innovation kitchen instead of in our main facility. This won't impact the look or feel of the bars, but protocols are different and so this test only results in two sample bars in clear packages.

*Please note that these bars are produced simply as a sample of large scale run bars and so you will receive just two bars from this run to approve. If your bars 'fail' this test (ie; they don't run through our large scale machinery) we will recommend changes in order to fix this and run the test again. Lede time on this is just 2.5 weeks from the date of order to the date of the test or 2.5 weeks from the date that all of your ingredients (if you have special ingredients) arrive in our facility, whichever is later.