Large Machinery Efficiency Test Run (yields 100 prototype bars)

Large Machinery Efficiency Test Run (yields 100 prototype bars)

Regular price $ 2,500.00

A large machinery efficiency test run is required for all custom formulations prior to a first true production run.

This test run allows you to see exactly how large scale machinery will impact the shape, color and texture of your custom bar recipe because large scale production always causes some changes compared to small scale R&D 'bench' samples.

The below price is the price to perform the efficiency analysis per flavor / recipe.

*Please note that this test takes more time to do than the express tests yielding just 2-12 bars because of the need for wrapping to occur at a greater level. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date this test is ordered until the date they are ready to ship. If your bars 'fail' the efficiency test (ie; they don't run through our large scale machinery) we will recommend changes in order to fix this and run the test again at YouBar's cost.