Hourly Legal Review of Complex and/or Non-Standard Label Claims

Hourly Legal Review of Complex and/or Non-Standard Label Claims

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As the manufacturer of our clients' nutrition bars, we have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that the bars we produce are compliant with the FDA directive that all food products sold in the United States are both safe to consume and free of "misleading representation" and/or "misleading claims" on bar package labels. 

We have a 'package indemnity' agreement that allows our clients to take full responsibility for any claims that fall under some 'grey areas' within FDA compliance. However, any claims that our Quality Assurance team is concerned MAY be violations of FDA compliance rules MUST be reviewed and approved by YouBar's trusted outside legal firm prior to us being able to produce those bars. 

The firm will provide a legal opinion to YouBar Inc to determine if YouBar Inc can manufacture bars legally with a label bearing the requested claim. The charge for this process (which does NOT guarantee a positive result) is $275 per hour.

Please check with your account rep for how many hours will be required for your specific need prior to purchasing below. The below price is per hour.