Our Mission

We develop and manufacture innovative protein bars so that brands can bring their ideas to market fast.

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YouBar’s Values

I – Innovation. We believe in innovation relating to every step of the process of creating new bars – from hitting the hottest dietary trends to utilizing the most cutting-edge ingredients to maintaining multiple state-of-the-art production lines. We are devoted to “thinking outside the bar.”

C – Communication. We believe in communicating proactively with our colleagues, our clients and our business partners (ie; suppliers, consultants, equipment engineers) in a way that is respectful, productive and positive.

A – Adaptability. We believe that being adaptive is key to successful business, and we are dedicated to being flexible in everything from production schedule to external environmental factors to client needs and more.

R – Responsibility. We believe in taking responsibility in all projects we engage in bringing to life. The ‘bar’ stops here!

E – Enthusiasm. We believe in being excited about what we are doing. Work is a large part of the lives of everyone at YouBar, and bringing an enthusiastic and joyful attitude to our work environment is essential to having a rewarding life experience.