Master Ingredient List for Custom Shakes & Baking Mixes


Whey Protein Isolate (Non GMO)
Whey Protein Concentrate (Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Non-GMO)
Egg White Protein (Non GMO)
Hemp Protein (Non GMO)
Pea Protein (Non GMO and/or Organic)
Collagen Protein (Bovine, Grass Fed)
Almond Protein (Non GMO)
Milk Protein Isolate (Non GMO)

Vegetables, Freeze Dried Fruit & Berries

Spinach (Freeze-Dried powder, Non GMO) 
Kale (Freeze-Dried powder, Non GMO) 
Greens Blend of Spinach, Kale and Brocolli (Organic, Non GMO, Freeze-Dried powder, allows for full serving of vegetables claim if used at correct quantity)
Bananas (Freeze-Dried powder, Non GMO) 
Strawberries (Freeze-Dried powder, Non GMO) 
Unsweetened Blueberries (Freeze-Dried powder, Non GMO) 
Nuts & Seeds 
Flaxseed Meal (Non GMO)
Almond Flour (Non GMO)
Stevia (Non GMO)
Monkfruit (Non GMO)
Erythritol (Non GMO)
Allulose (Non GMO)
All of the above sweeteners are completely All Natural and Not Artificial
Seasonings, Chocolate & Coffee  
Maca Powder (Organic, Non GMO)
Sea Salt (Non GMO)
Himalayan Pink Salt (Non GMO)
Cocoa Powder (Non GMO)
Cinnamon (Non GMO)
Freeze Dried Coffee (Non GMO)

Natural Flavors

Chocolate Flavor
Vanilla Flavor
Cherry Flavor
Strawberry Flavor
Cookie Dough Flavor
Cookies and Cream Flavor
Almond Flavor
Apple Flavor
Coffee Flavor
Caramel Flavor
Blueberry Flavor
Peanut Butter Flavor
Coconut Flavor

If you would like to use any ingredients that are not on our master ingredient list, then here are full details of our special ingredient sourcing and integration process: http://youbarmanufacturing.com/products/special-ingredient-sourcing-and-integration-fee

All of our master ingredient list ingredients are gluten free.