How It Works

How It Works

Create Your Own Brand of Nutrition Bars in Three Easy Steps:

1. Choose Your Recipe.

 Work with our Research & Development team to create your own bar recipe/formula. We can produce bars to meet the needs of a wide range of dietary and nutritional requirements, including: Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Low-Carb / Low Sugar & High-Protein.

      2. Create Your Packaging.

      Design your own brand of packaging utilizing our team of graphic designers and FDA compliance experts. Your bars will be completely yours (and will not say our company name anywhere on them). They will feature your logo, your company's name and address & your brand's key selling points (ie; 20g of ProteinHigh Fiber, Grass-Fed Whey).


      3. Launch Your Brand!   We offer full wraparound services to support your brand from start to finish, including full-service drop ship fulfillment, website design services and full product liability insurance.


      Questions? Contact Emily at