Innovation House

YouBar's New Innovation Kitchen

The Innovation House at YouBar is a food innovation center, built within YouBar’s full service solution, to empower food visionaries with a new catalog of nutrition products. 

As an innovation kitchen, the Innovation House leverages YouBar’s 15 years of manufacturing cutting-edge nutritional products for leading brands to bring your vision to market fast. We work in tandem with you to shake up the nutritional food landscape by giving you access to our full stack of manufacturing and co-packing services. From ideation to distribution, we help you navigate the entire product development process to create an innovative nutrition product that supports your vision for the market.

Inside our

Innovation House

Our innovation kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to maintain multiple production lines and efficiently manufacture innovative nutrition products regardless of order size.

Our Innovations


Keto Cereal and Muesli

Keto Cereal

Toaster Pastries



Nut Milk

Interested in Bringing Your Innovative Idea to the Market?


Our Process

The Innovation House believes in innovation relating to every step of the process of the product development process – from leveraging the hottest dietary trends to utilizing the most cutting-edge ingredients – while also delivering practical and actionable results.

Innovation + Strategy

Research + Development

Manufacturing + Co-packing

Logistics + Supply Chain Management

Marketing + Sales

Package and design

Quality Assurance