Case Study: 'Mom'trepreneur

The 'Mom'trepreneur

Sarah R. is a busy mom of three great kids. When she started making her own protein bars for her kids' school's bake sales, all her friends thought they were amazing. "You should launch a business with these!" they told her. She wanted to do it, but as a busy mom, she didn't have the time to rent a commercial kitchen, make thousands of bars, store and ship them to clients or deal with any of the 'heavy lifting' business requirements (like product liability insurance).

So, Sarah came to YouBar. She worked with our R&D team to professionalize her at-home recipe and perform all the necessary testing on her recipes to ensure that they were shelf-life stable, had excellent nutritionals and full organoleptic testing performed by a scientist.

Now, Sarah sells her incredible kid-centric bars featuring the highest quality ingredients in dozens of retail stores across the country -- from Sprouts to Whole Foods! What's more, she's making an incredible income from her business. Her total manufacturing costs, including all packaging, is $1.07 per bar. She then sells his bars to her bars to retail stores for $2.00 per bar, and the stores retail them for $3.99 per bar...

This gives Sarah $0.93 of profit per bar she sells.

Like most wholesale businesses, Sarah sells her bars in boxes of 12, as packaged by YouBar, and so each box gives her $11.16 in profit.

Sarah sells 750 boxes per month on average -- mainly to retail stores in her own area, such as regional Whole Foods locations (she has 20 stores that typically order 30 boxes per month from her, plus a variety of smaller accounts). This amounts to PROFIT for Sarah of:

9,000 boxes a year x $11.16 (Sarah’s per box profit) = $100,440 profit per year

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